About Koonec

Background & Vision

Koonec Medical is an expert consulting agency founded in 2008 and based in Barcelona, Spain. We aim to bridge the gap between research and global health & well-being.

Our Mission

  • We accelerate medical and scientific research by providing high-quality publishing support to physicians and investigators worldwide.
  • We collaborate directly with researchers, industry and public institutions to develop better articles, new products, devices and policies.
  • We continuously develop our skills, expertise and services to provide the utmost value and lead at the forefront of change.
  • We empower you to publish more.

Our Values and Beliefs

  1. Respect guides our decisions
    When in doubt, we always look for the decision that better respects everyone's time, money, and trust.
  2. Quality is everlasting
    Once published, quality never wears off. We write quality papers that reflect your expertise.
  3. Marvelous Objectivity
    The essential foundation of knowledge is immensely valuable within and beyond scientific endeavours. It's melded in all aspects of our work.
  4. Clarity builds trust
    Frank, honest, detailed, empathic communication is paramount to proficient collaboration and to our process.

Why Koonec Medical?

  • As fellow scientists, we understand your needs. We've been and we are there. We know how to help.
  • Send us your files and wire the cost. In a few days, you will get your pristine manuscript back. It's as simple as it sounds.
  • No gimmicks. No hidden fees. No sensationalized marketing speech. Our quotes detail what they include and what they don't. No surprises.
  • You find yourself assenting when you read our values and beliefs.
  • Where we can, we help. Where we cannot, we don't. If you have special requirements, need something uncommon or are under particularly stringent operating procedures, let us know and we'll assess the situation.
  • Experience matters. We do it everyday. Our team has years of experience in scientific and medical research and publishing. Our customers can rely on us to handle their projects with professionalism and expertise.
  • You like what our customers say about our services.

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  • ChuangTzu: A New Selected Translation With An Exposition Of The Philosophy Of Kuo Hsiang PDF
  • @theBALLSpodcast: *fyi there is no literal Chinese translation of ‘swaggy’
  • Live demo by @harryshum on stage at #experiences17 of real time speech to text translation from Mandarin to French ! Brilliant ! #microsoft

Contact Information

  •  +34 650 717 174
  •  contact@koonec.com


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