List of 50 Must Follow Twitter Accounts for Biomedical Researchers

Twitter is great for you to get science news and meet other scientists. However, with more than a hundred million different Twitter accounts, it’s hard to decide who to follow.
To help you, we’ve created a list of 50 must follow Twitter accounts for biomedical researchers.  Read More »

How to Accept a Scientific Research Position

If you manage to get a research or postdoc position, you’ll need to accept it on the best possible terms! To put yourself in the best position for these negotiations, you’ll first need to find out Read More »

How to Win a Scientific Research Position

If your application caught the eye of the faculty, then you’ll probably be called in to interview. This will generally require a full day’s commitment, and often an overnight stay as well, depending on how far you have to travel. Read More »

How to Apply for a Scientific Research Position

The application process is all about making you stand out against hundreds of other potential competitors. Before you think about that, though, keep in mind the following points Read More »

How to Find the Perfect Research Position

Now that you have a post-doctoral degree under your belt, what’s next? The first step should be considering what path you’d like your scientific career to follow. Would you like to work in a governmental research laboratory? How about as an investigator in a pharmaceutical or chemical company? Maybe you’d prefer a faculty position within a university? The choice you make will depend on both your immediate and long-term goals.  Read More »


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