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Friends and readers, the guide on How to Write and Publish a Scientific Research Paper is now available for you to download. The link is here on the right of this page for those who are ready to download it, and for those who want more information, just keep reading.

What It’s About

Writing high-quality publications. This 50-pages guide shows you how to easily and efficiently write a scientific paper. It includes a detailed description of each section one by one, examples and tips from my own experience, and useful practical information to get started, submit and review your paper.

Who Should Buy This

Anyone starting a career in Science, anyone hoping to improve their scientific writing and anyone interested in publishing high-quality papers.

Who Should Not Buy This

Expert scientific writers who already know everything about writing and publishing scientific papers, renown scientists happy with their current scientific writing skills, and anyone not willing to succeed in Science.

In Pursuit of Success

Publishing papers is hard and no one will do it for you. So if you want to do it, you’ll have to make it happen for yourself, but this guide can help you.

What You Get

  • 17,000 words of excellent content
  • General info on scientific writing
  • A detailed description of each section
  • A step-by-step guide to write each part
  • Tips for writing easily and efficiently
  • Strategies for the submission
  • Insights from an experienced writer
  • Top mistakes writers do
  • Free life support and much more…

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

About 10 years of experience and 75 hours of work went into production of the How to Write and Publish a Scientific Research Paper guide. However, if you decide after reading it that it doesn’t work for you, we’ll return 100% of your money back. You’ll have 30 days to try it before we refund your money. Additionally, if you have any doubts or concerns related to scientific writing, you can contact us for free lifetime support.

Get It Now!

The How to Write and Publish a Scientific Research Paper guide is offered at a budget price. The download of the .pdf file is available immediately through lulu.com. Just click on the “Add to Cart” button on the right of the page. Alternatively, you can order the paperback version from here.

Still unsure? Download a free chapter or check the table of content:

About Scientific Writing
Scientific Recording vs. Scientific Writing
What is Peer-Review and How Does it Work?
Practice Makes Perfect

Before You Start Writing
Organizing Your Data and Ideas
The Importance of Style
Common Mistakes to Avoid

How to Begin
Overview of the Steps to Publication
The Different Kinds of Scientific Papers
How to Choose the Right Journal
The Different Sections of a Paper

The Title Page
The Title
Authors and Affiliations
The Abstract and Keywords

The Introduction
Overview of the Introduction
Purpose and Overall Structure
Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Introduction

The Material and Methods
Overview of the Material and Methods
Purpose and Overall Structure
Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Material and Methods

The Results
Overview of the Results
Purpose and Overall Structure
Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Results

The Discussion
Overview of the Discussion
Purpose and Overall Structure
Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Discussion

Tables and Figures
Overview of the Tables and Figures
Preparing the Tables
Preparing the Figures

Additional Material
Acknowledgments, Funding and Disclosures
Supplemental Material
Getting Your Article Published

Revising the Article Before Submission
How to Prepare the Cover Letter –
How to Submit the Article for Publication
About the Impact Factor

About Rejection
Why Could Your Paper be Rejected
A Few Tips to Avoid Rejection
How to Answer to the Reviewers


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