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List of 50 Must Follow Twitter Accounts for Biomedical Researchers

Twitter is great for you to get science news and meet other scientists. However, with more than a hundred million different Twitter accounts, it’s hard to decide who to follow.
To help you, we’ve created a list of 50 must follow Twitter accounts for biomedical researchers. Check them out below, and follow them here!


    Scientists & Opinion Leaders

  1. Joanne Manaster (@sciencegoddess): Blogger and biology lecturer.
  2. Chris Gunter (@girlscientist): Geneticist, editor, and writer.
  3. Karen James (@kejames): Biologist. Aspiring explorer-naturalist.
  4. Ed Yong (@edyong209): Science writer and freelance journalist.
  5. Jason Pontin (@jason_pontin): Editor in Chief of Technology Review.
  6. Chris Anderson (@TEDchris): Curator of TED conferences.
  7. Peter Singer (@PeterSinger): Professor of bioethics at Princeton.
  8. Mariette DiChristina (@mdichristina): Editor in Chief of Scientific American.
  9. Sci Curious (@scicurious): Blogger and neuroscientist.
  10. Kiki Standford (@drkiki): Neurophysiologist and journalist.
  11. Noah Gray (@noahWG):Senior editor at Nature.
  12. Ben Goldacre (@bengoldacre): Epidemiologist and blogger.
  13. Sanjay Gupta (@sanjayguptaCNN): CNN Chief medical correspondent.
  14. Jonathan Eisen (@phylogenomics): Researcher & open science advocate.
  15. Anabel Bentley (@doctorblogs): Physician and blogger.
  16. Bora Zivkovic (@BoraZ): Chief Editor of Scientific American.
  17. Adam Savage (@donttrythis): Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.
  18. Brady Haran (@periodicvideos): Fun science videos makers.
  19. Brian Malow (@sciencecomedian): Comedian and video maker for Time Mag.
  20. Karl Kruszelnicki (@DoctorKarl): BBC radio host.

    Universities and Institutes

  22. Harvard Health (@HarvardHealth).
  23. Harvard Research (@HarvardResearch).
  24. Columbia Science (@ColumbiaScience).
  25. Columbia Health IT (@columbiahit).
  26. Yale Medicine (@YaleMed).
  27. Standford Medicine (@SUMedicine).
  28. Princeton Health (@PrincetonHealth).
  29. Weill Cornell (@WeillCornell).
  30. Duke Medicine (@Duke_Medicine).
  31. UCLA Health (@UCLAHealth).
  32. Manchester Institute of Health Sciences (@HealthSciUoMan).
  33. NIH Science Education (@NIHSciEd).
  34. NIH for Health (@NIHforHealth).
  35. Hopkins Medical News (@HopkinsMedNews).

    Science Journals

  37. Nature News (@NatureNews).
  38. NEJM (@NEJM).
  39. PLoS Medicine (@PLoSMedicine).
  40. Science Magazine (@ScienceMagazine).
  41. Scientific American (@Sciam).

    Science News

  43. Science News (@ScienceNewsOrg).
  44. Technology Review (@techreview).
  45. Science Blogs (@ScienceblogsRSS).
  46. Plos Blogs (@Plosblogs).
  47. Pharma News Daily (@PharmaNewsDaily).
  48. EMA News (@EMA_News).
  49. FDA News (@US_FDA).
  50. Discover Magazine (@DiscoverMag).
  51. TED Talks (@tedtalks).
  52. TED News (@TEDNews).
  53. National Science Teachers Association (@NSTA).

You can easily follow all these accounts here.

Think we missed someone? Tell us in the comments!!


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