Cover Letter Samples for Your Scientific Manuscript

When you send your paper to a scientific journal for publication, you also have to send a cover letter along with the manuscript. Even though this letter probably won’t be the deciding factor to whether your article should be published or not, it might be a key element to decide whether it should be reviewed altogether.

I compiled here some examples of cover letters you can use as templates to prepare your own letter.

The pack consists of two awesome templates and two real-life examples and costs only 3€. You can use one of the templates to send the manuscript and another one to send your answer to the reviewers.

Click on the buy now button to download the cover letter templates pack!

If you have doubts or need help with your letter, do not hesitate to contact us! You can also share some of your own tips in the comments below.

Good luck with your paper!!

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  • Mehdi Hussain

    Dear, Thank you very much, i was strut, how to write a cover letter for my research paper, But after reading some simple and valuable samples, it clear my vision to write my cover letter for a research paper. Thanks you very much.

  • quest

    Sophie, you have done a great help for many people. Very very informative and helpful. Looking forward to more helping hand from you. Thanks

  • Thank you 🙂

  • zahra

    it is very helpful
    I hope all of your manuscript will be accepted because you really help other

  • Thank you Zahra! I hope your papers will get accepted too!!

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for this! It was very helpful, especially as I am working on my first submission! Wish me luck!

  • Thank you Amanda and GOOD LUCK!!
    If I can help you with anything else, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Jensen

    Hi Sophie,

    I’m so lucky to find this article because who try to write a cover letter for submission a science paper.
    This is very useful and so amazing 🙂

    Many thanks
    Have a good day ~

  • pallavi

    Thanks alot. This is my first time to write cover letter for submission of manuscript.
    Because of this sample i m getting idea about how to write covering letter, so thank you very much!

  • Mohi

    Thanks a lot!
    It gave me lots of good ideas about how to write a cover letter 🙂

  • Raqib

    Great job. Its really helpful. I am submitting a social science research article. However helps a lot.
    Thank you.

  • Ali

    Thanks! you have helped tons of students starting their PhD!

  • Syahrir

    Hi there,
    Many thanks for this work.
    It is very helpful.
    Wish you luck.

  • Yan

    Hi! This is exactly what I was looking for!!! I am submitting my first work and I was totally lost!! Thank you for the samples.

  • Dr. Lia May Tapangco

    Thanks! Gave me an idea of what a cover letter for research looks like. God bless!

  • Judy

    Thanks a million. Very, very helpful. I will also submit a manuscript for the first time and was at a lost about how to write the covering letter!.

  • Imran

    i was much confused about what to include in cover letter but your work made it really easy. thank you very much…god bless you….:-)

  • Florad

    Thank you a lot! I am writing my first cover letter, and I had no clue how to start. A lot is at stake and i didn’t want to mess things up by writing a crappy cover letter.

  • Nanita

    Thank you so much and looking forward for more tips.

  • purusothaman

    Thank you and this is my first time experience write the cover letter so very useful to me.

  • Claudia

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    best wishes,

  • roohollah

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  • Abbas Shahrabadi

    thank you very much. That was very useful.

  • Soha

    Hi Sophie,

    It was great your help. I wrote today my first cover letter . you have helped graduate students! great job 🙂 wish you all the best 🙂

  • Thank you everyone, I’m glad it helps!!

  • Manos

    thx a lot Sophie…………….

  • Ana

    Thank you Sophie, I had to write my first cover letter and I was desperate, you save me… all the best

  • tushar parekh self tushar parekh from india. i have recently completed my masters in biotechnology and i want to apply for phd in dresden university-germany. In their online application form they give large space for to write a short summary of the scientific area that you find most interesting, and why.
    My interested area are genetics, cell biology and stem cell reseach but i applied for the first time so i dont know how to write this king of letter..
    So please try to help me..

  • mahmoud

    Thanks you sophie. That was a great help for me to submit my first paper.

  • Giordano Savelli


  • Lorraine

    Hi Sophie, You have helped yet another first timer!
    I notice there are lines such as ‘All co-authors have seen and ….’ and ‘We certify that this publication is not being ….’ seem almost like disclaimers
    Is this more or less a ‘standard’ preamble?

  • Dinesh

    Hi Sophie,

    Thank you very much for your great help to the first timers like me. You are an Angel. Others might have charged a lot for less informative letters. Great job

  • Patrick

    Many Thanks!

  • Chenna Krishna

    Thanks alot sophie for helping to write my first cover letter

  • nurul

    Dear Sophie,
    Thank you so much for these templates. I’ve been working on my 1st article submission and really hope for it to be accepted.

  • Shiva

    Thank you Dear,
    That was very very helpful and hope will work!

  • young

    Dear Sophie:
    All the sample letters are great templates for many occasions. Thank you.

  • Thanks a bunch. This realy helped me.

  • Libby

    Thank you Sophie! I’m a first-time first author, and this was exactly what I was looking for. I hope serious good karma is headed your way!

  • Lirihs

    Thank you . It’s really helpful for me and others too!!

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  • This is super !

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    You are great! Thanx a lot for your help!

    linked below an interesting sample cover letter for journal manuscript resubmissions

    • Slim

      hahaha this one is funny!

  • Maedeh Aboutalebi

    Many thanks, this post is very helpful. I wish happiness and success for you.

  • Great help. I have been looking for cover letters for a long time but couldn’t find the appropriate content. Thanks for sharing

  • Mohammad

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  • Sophie

    Thanks you all, I’m glad it helps!! 🙂

  • This is a spam

    There is only one letter in the template, not worth the money. I am in a hurry to submit a revision, so I paid it. But really, this is just a spam. If you have time, search for the web or ask your col ledges for examples.

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    Gh your a total dickweed.

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    thanks a lot, you covered all the essential parts of a cover letter that can influence the editor to consider it for publication

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  • lewiis gray

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