How to Choose the Right Title and Keywords for Your Article?

Find a good title is crucial for your article. Indeed, eventually what you are aiming for is to attract readers. For this, you need two things: let people easily find your article and incite them to download and read your paper. This means that the title must be descriptive enough to contain all the important keywords that can define your research or the content of your manuscript, in order to get the attention of potential readers but also of typical search engines, but at the same time be succinct enough to fit in the usual 80 characters requirements.

For example, instead of using the title: “Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Obesity”, use the title “Reduced number and proliferative activity of mice endothelial progenitor cells in obesity”. The second title is much more descriptive and eye-catching. You are also already presenting the results of the study. Concerning the formatting, I recommend writing the title at the center of page 1, and to not underline or italicize it. You can however increase slightly the font size or use a bold font to give it more impact. Most journals don’t accept titles in capital letters, nor capital letters at the beginning of each word.

Most journals will also ask you to provide a list of 5 to 12 keywords, that they can use to classify and organize their content. Like for the title, the list of keywords is especially important for one reason: so that search engines and readers can easily find your article if it is related to what they are looking for. Although you might have to choose them from a list already prepared of most commonly used keywords, most journals accept a personalized list. Be careful when choosing and note that a keyword does not have to be made of only one word! This is a common misconception. For example, “breast cancer” is a keyword on its own. If you aren’t sure which keywords are the most suited for your work, just take a look at your article and note the words that you are using a lot in the text.

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